UWS Recognized As An “Age Friendly University”

SUPERIOR, Wis. — We usually associate college campuses with a younger crowd, but UWS is getting recognized for welcoming those with a little gray in their hair.

The campus is now officially a member of a global network known as the “Age Friendly University.”

UWS has been working to offer more classes geared for people over the age of 55. It is part of an approach recognizing that many people want to keep on learning, regardless of their age.

Associate Director Danielle Fagen said, “Well, with our changing demographics, which include an increasing number of older adults, we felt this initiative was important and it aligns with the mission and the center for continuing education, just to meet the needs, the educational needs of lifelong learners. And it aligns with our forward Superior strategic plan, which embraces inclusiveness. We felt this was the right time to move forward.”

Center for Continuing Education Director Kathryn Guimond said, “You know learning never ends, and this is just a great place. A beautiful place to be and just come and visit. I there is that, the appeal to be here on campus. And then just continually learning and growing. We have the music in the movies going on right now, which is very popular with our older adults. I think they’re just craving learning experiences. And this is a great place to do that for them.”

It is a two-way street, with UWS also trying to hear from that older student what it is they are looking for.

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