Superior Mayor Paine Announces Budget Proposal for 2023

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Mayor Jim Paine announced his proposed 2023 General Fund Budget for the City of Superior on Thursday.

“I want to begin by saying this was the most challenging budget I have ever worked on but in the end its also proven to be the most consequential,” said Mayor Jim Paine.

He started by highlighting the challenges that were considered when drawing up the plan including inflation affecting both employee wages and citizen life.

“Some of the challenges we faced were rising health care costs, the highest I’ve ever seen our health care projections. Obviously inflation effects every aspect of city spending. We do have to make purchases, we have to buy an extraordinary amount of fuel and the cost of everything is going up,” said Paine.

Paine says the total debt held by the city of Superior will lower for the fifth straight year. This will bring the amount the city owes down to its lowest level in over ten years. He is also proposing to not take out any debt for the next five years.

“The most important thing in this budget is the largest debt reduction in recent history for the city of Superior. What I mean by that, debt service: what we pay on our debts, debt service will go down for the third year in a row,” said Paine.

He says with this proposal, taxes won’t go up, but the city will continue to make improvements to streets, parks, technology, and public safety.

The plan includes investing in renewable energy such as continuing the conversion of police fleet vehicles to hybrid cars.

“We are going to completely rewrite our zoning codes to make sure that growth can happen in every single neighborhood in Superior and make sure that all of those neighborhoods actually work and build quality of life for the people that actually live in them,” said Paine.

The mayors plan also included expanding the Internet Crimes against children office in the police department as well as remodeling Fire Station #3.

“I think we have a budget that we can show the citizens next year they will have a city that is better than last year and that trend will continue for at least the foreseeable future,” said Paine.

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