Hawk Ridge Celebrates 50 Years With Great Bird Migration

DULUTH, Minn. — This weekend marks 50 years of the hard work and research put in by the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, getting things soaring with a bird migration observation.

Today bird lovers gathered at Hawk Ridge to experience thousands of birds and raptors making their migration south for the winter.

Hawk Ridge says this is the best time of year to catch all kinds of birds migrating through Duluth in flocks called kettles.

By noon, the reservation had already counted over 12,000 birds flying over head.

Margie Menzies, Education Director at Hawk Ridge said, “The birds have been flying through like crazy today, and this is the time of year when they do that. We’re seeing lots and lots of broad wing hawks and broad wing hawks are any given year are typically the raptors we see more of than any of the other ones, and today’s just been an exceptional day. Mind boggling to think that there’s that many birds period, but that their all coming through and we’re seeing them all on the exact same day.”

Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve will continue celebrating with festivities through the weekend. You can find a link to their full schedule here.

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