Marshall School Celebrates Opening Their Forest School Geared for Younger Students

DULUTH, Minn.–Having been in session for a few weeks already, officials at Marshall School got outside to celebrate their new Forest School for their youngest students yet.

Marshall School historically has taught middle school and high school aged kids, but were lacking a spot for elementary students. They decided to get creative and emphasize the need for nature based learning.

The new space has innovative indoor classrooms while also relying on the campus’ outdoor spaces, combining play with learning. Students from kindergarten to fourth grade get to spend 50% of their time using Marshall’s 42 acres of trails, fields and creeks. The older kids and teens at Marshall also have opportunities to intern and help with programming at the Forest School.

The Head of Marshall School, Jamie Steckart said, “We know that the Duluth community is a massive outdoor community and we just had this feeling that if we start a Forest School where students spend most of their time outside learning that it would resonate with the Duluth community”.

Steckart went on to say, “Our favulty in our middle school already go outside quite a bit with kids and we’re like ‘wow lets take it to the next level with K through fourth'”.

The Forest School has 60 students enrolled this fall with hopes to expand that number next year. By adding this lower division to their curriculum, Marshal School is no a K through twelve, non profit educational institution.



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