UWS Enrollment Up Second Year In A Row

SUPERIOR, Wis. — UWS is feeling pretty good about this fall’s enrollment, and it should.

Coming out of the challenges of COVID, the college announced Thursday that its overall enrollment is up for the second year in a row.

There are just under 2,700 students. That is up 4% from last year.

The online graduate program grew 31%. Part of the overall increase stems from a combination of those coming from around the world, as well as from those just down the block.

Ben Mooney, Assistant Director of Administration said, “A increase in the number of students in our area. Specifically senior high school here in Superior, so to have local students want to come here to the school in their backyard is something we really value. And also an increase in international students, too, so we had a near record of incoming international students coming here from over twenty different countries. So to have students coming from right down the street and all over the world, and see those numbers continue to increase is really great.”

The number of undergraduate students on campus is down 4%. However, it is one of the only 3 U-W campuses whose overall enrollment is up.

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