“Tacos Tacos Tacos” holds Taco Eating Contest

DULUTH, Minn. — Hot dog eating contests are pretty well known, but have you ever seen a taco eating contest?

Tacos Tacos Tacos held their 2nd annual Taco Eating Contest at Blacklist Brewing Company.

10 contestants lined up to see if they could eat all 20 tacos in 30 minutes.

“As people watched it, they realized how much 20 tacos really is and how hard it is to actually eat it. A lot of people say that they could easily eat 20 tacos, but I think once you actually get up there it’s a bit different,” said Owner of Tacos Tacos Tacos, Robert Giuliani.

The rules were simple, just keep eating.

In the case of extreme measures — each contest had a bucket, but if that bucket was used, then that person would lose.

“It’s one taco at a time leading up to it. I think the biggest mistake I see people making from last year and this year was you just can’t eat or drink before you go because its mass in your stomach. Honestly the last dozen bites were really, really hard. That was mind over matter at the end for sure,” said Taco Champion, Devin Garrett.

Two contestants finished all 20 tacos in that 30 minute time span, and a third won from eating the most after the time was up.

Owners thanked the community and sponsors for helping to put on the event.

They’re excited to be back next year.

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