Hoops Brewing Hosts Pup Crawl

DULUTH, Minn. – Hoops Brewing hosted a pup crawl event as a way to connect dog owners with dog approved businesses in Canal Park.

The self-guided walk started at the Hoops beer garden and made its way to businesses like Love Creamery, Duluth Pack, and Vitta Pizza.
At the beer garden, dog related venders were in attendance like Minnesota Nice Dog Company and Iggy’s Bites.

This is the first time Hoops has held this event.

“Dogs are a part of the family. They’re just such a fun companion to have around and it’s important that they get included in our daily lives and whether it’s emotional support or whether they are a companion it’s just nice to let them know that they’re welcome too,” Hoops Brewing Director of Marketing and Events, Ingrid Johnson said.

A local veterinarian was also at the event to answer questions about pet health and behavior.

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