Hospitals in St. Louis County to Continue Masking

DULUTH, Minn. — The CDC announced that some hospitals and healthcare facilities no longer need to require universal masking, so how will that affect hospitals in St. Louis County?

Since early on in the pandemic, the agency had urged everyone to wear face masks while in healthcare settings.

Now, the CDC says facilities in just over a quarter of counties, who have low levels of Covid transmission, can choose not to require masking by patients and their providers.

As for hospitals in St. Louis County, they will continue to mask up, due in part of Covid rates still being reportedly high.

“We take care of vulnerable patients, we take care of people who are very ill from other conditions, and we don’t want to play any role in transmitting Covid in that setting. So we want to do what we can to keep everyone safe. For now, we continue to mask everywhere throughout the hospital,” said St. Luke’s Infectious Disease Provider, Dr. Andrew Thompson.

While it may feel like Covid is on the decline —  just this last week, St. Louis County had 272 new Covid reported cases.

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