Minnesota Webfest Highlights Short Form Content Creators During Duluth Superior Film Festival

DULUTH, Minn.–The Minnesota Webfest kicked off today as part of the Duluth Superior Film Festival.

The Webfest focuses on the shortest type of film content on the internet. For example, it highlights podcasts, Tik Tok videos, and Instagram reels. Really any type of film content that’s on a smaller scale than typical movies. And its convenient to access that ultra-short film content using your cellphone or computer.

Films aren’t just for theaters anymore, and more and more people are experimenting with different types of platforms to reach their audiences.

George Reese, Found of Minnesota Webfest, said, “There’s only so much content that Hollywood can produce and right now they don’t have, what I would say, is the bench deep enough to meet the demand out there for streaming. So what we do with Webfest and everybody who’s supporting this short film episodic format is essentially to be the minor leagues for Hollywood. We’re the mechanism through which people get discovered”.

Zeitgeist’s Zinema was full of film makers and web content producers earlier today screening episodes of their work. The Webfest highlights around 60 different story lines and all of the content screened today will be available online. If you missed today’s screenings, Webfest is going through tomorrow evening and admission is free.


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