24-Year Duluth Police Officer Tackles New Role as Chief

DULUTH, Minn. — On Monday, the City Council voted unanimously to appoint Mike Ceynowa as the new Police Chief of Duluth.

Ceynowa has 24 years of Duluth police work under his belt.

Now, he’s tackling year 25 as a very visible leader.

While it might be his first run as chief, Ceynowa has played similar roles before.

“It’s a heavy responsibility, no doubt about it. In my pervious role here, in professional standards, I was the person who had to do our internal investigations. I was responsible for recommending what would be the outcome of a complaint investigation, fully aware of the consequences for how those decisions go,” said Ceynowa.

Ceynowa says his first course of action is to fill the departments staffing gap, with quality officers.

“Priority of the beginning of my 10-year is recruiting top talent to come into this profession, people of high character. We can train you to do policing, but we can’t train character.”

This week, eight new recruits joined the Duluth Police Department.

Including four women who are from the northland.

“We want to create a diverse and inclusive, equitable organization. So in order to get there, we have to show that’s the direction we’re headed in with our hires. As well as show our community that this is still a noble profession that people should be involved in.”

According to Ceynowa, the struggle to hire and retain officers has forced the DPD to cut-back on select services.

He also states that the small team has shown great performance.

“In this role I will hold myself accountable to a high standard, my immediate leadership team to that standard, and the staff to that standard. We need to be responsible to our community.”

Currently, the DPD has 128 sworn officers.

Although, Ceynowa says they could use about 30 more.

The department will hold another recruiting event in the beginning of November.

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