DECC Announces New Lineup of Concession Stand Food

DULUTH, Minn. — On Tuesday, the Duluth Entertainment Center (DECC) served up a feast of new concession food.

People were able to taste test the grub before the bulldog hockey team hits the ice this weekend.

There are many creative additions in this seasons lineup.

Everything from themed pizzas to a sirloin stacker sandwich.

If you’re feeling cold, you might want try out the chicken bowl with mashed potatoes or the soups that will rotate for the season.

“It is wonderful to watch our staff run with their imaginations. They gather in a group, take an idea, and workshop it. While thinking about, “how can we make this better?” and “how can we make this a DECC signature item?” with maybe featuring something local to really make it an Amsoil experience,” said DECC Communications Director, Lucie Amundsen.

Don’t worry — the beloved chicken tenders and nachos are not going anywhere.

All of the classics will still be available.

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