Duluth City Council Approves Contract With School Resource Officers

Duluth School District

DULUTH, Minn. — The Duluth city council approved the resolution on Monday night to continue funding school resource officers with the Duluth Police Department, but at least one group took issue with it.

It’s a one-year renewal that funds four resource officers for about $300,000.

The agreement says the city and the school district want SRO’s on campuses to help address juvenile crime and delinquency, build relationships with students, and reduce the chances that troubled kids will repeat certain offenses.

They also connect with other agencies in the juvenile justice and social services system.

The use of SROs is opposed by a group called LEAN Duluth.

The group sent an email to councilors asking them to reconsider the renewal, saying it has data indicating that students of color receive 30-times more police citations than their white peers.

LEAN says that more officer training is not the solution and has not resolved past issues.

The organization says it believes the solution is to find alternative options to address student discipline and other issues.

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