Minnesota Family Now Living in the Wrath of Hurricane Ian

DULUTH / FLORIDA — “Like we talked about earlier, at any minute we could just lose everything. Here we are, we just lost everything.” A family from Minnesota, now living in the wrath of Hurricane Ian.

The Buck family traded in the snow for sand 20 years ago. Now they live in Bonita Springs, just South of Fort Myers — where the beach is a beast of waves.

The category four Hurricane Ian has arrived and the Buck’s are in its wake.

“We’re still an hour away from the heart of it. We don’t know if it’s going to go right or left. It could come right to us or right past us. It’s hours and hours of rain and storm and wind and then it changes direction, so we’re really don’t know what’s going on,” said Florida Resident, Josh Buck.

During FOX21’s zoom call with Buck, his internet connection kept going in and out.

Then — everything went black.

“We’ve officially lost our power for good. Now we’re on a cell signal. We’re starting to get into the bad parts.”

Buck went on to speak from the dark room, “the fans stopped, lights turned off, we’ll have no ac and all of our cooking will be on a grill or stuff we have prepared to have ready to go, cold food and snacks.”

Although Buck’s real concern was staying connected to the outside world.

Without Wi-Fi or service, he will not be able to track the storm.

“Now we don’t even have a news source to really talk to, besides updates on our phones, but we’ll lose cell service down here too, that happen during hurricanes. The times we need those phones the most, we don’t have them.”

The family of four has installed hurricane doors and shutters.

Buck says they’re not leaving their home and they’ve prepared to take on the storm.

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