Minnesota Power Assists Florida in Power Restoration

DULUTH, Minn. — Minnesota power has stepped up to help bring light to Florida’s darkness.

While Hurricane Ian destroys powerlines and causes power outages everywhere, there just are not enough local repair crews.

On Wednesday, 25 workers with Minnesota Power packed up all of their gear and began the nearly 24 hour drive to Fernandina Beach.

They will work alongside many other companies in restoring Florida’s power.

The company has been called-in to hurricanes and other natural disasters before.

“In terms of knowing what to expect, they’ve done this before and enjoy the work and enjoy the satisfaction of getting people back in power. I’ve never experienced anybody that really has a fear of going down and in those situations. A lot of times, these guys live for that actually,” said MN Power Manager of Line Operations, Tim Laeupple.

The crew is expected to arrive Friday morning and they plan to spend the next two weeks restoring power.

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