MN Red Cross Volunteers Respond to Hurricane Ian

DULUTH, Minn. — Thousands of crisis response workers from many states are heading to Florida, including Red Cross volunteers who are based in Minnesota.

12 people from the northland are already in Florida, bringing three emergency response vehicles with them.

40 more minnesota-based red cross volunteers are there as well.

They will be ready to help residents survive the category four hurricane, setting them up with anything from a hot meal to a safe place to stay.

“The work that happens across the country, it could be a different environment, it could be a little bit different situation. Whether it’s one person who lost everything, or it’s 10 thousand people who’ve lost everything, the impact on that family is very much the same. So in a bigger disaster like this it’s just a lot more of a lot more,” said Red Cross Executive Director, Dan Williams.

The Minnesota volunteers will stay for at least two weeks in Florida, but the Red Cross organization will assist in the hurricane recovery process for months.

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