Northern Star: Aultman Brothers

The Aultman brothers and the Lumberjacks will travel to take on Hermantown on Saturday. 

CLOQUET, Minn.- Soccer, a game that’s played in every corner of the world. Two brothers brought their talents from thousands of miles away to Cloquet, Minnesota, where they’ve become standout players on the Cloquet-Esko-Carlton boys soccer team.

Meet Jordan and Elijah Aultman, brothers who were adopted from Africa and for as long as they can remember had a soccer ball at their feet.

“”We’ve both been playing soccer for our whole life. You know, we’re from Africa, so we’ve been playing soccer our whole life and we just think soccer is fun for us because when we were in Africa we played the whole day. In the sun, we played with friends, brothers, sisters, it’s just fun for us,” says the older brother Jordan.

The Aultman brothers hit the soccer field for the first time as a Lumberjack, just over three years ago. Before that, the boys played competitive games of pick up soccer, sometimes even playing barefoot. The grit has transferred over to their current style of play.

“”Playing barefoot in Africa, kind of helped us to know how to play the ball and control the ball. We also played on concrete grounds so you can also injure our toes, that also helped us to play with cleats,” says Elijah.

“Their level of compete is just so high. The one on one the individual battles, I mean they’re just so good, so good. And they’re just built into the ground so they’re so tough to move, and a lot of times they are a little bit too physical and we’ll get penalized for that but I’d rather be on the edge of that than a little but too tentative,” says CEC soccer’s head coach John Sundquist.

Just like all siblings, Jordan and Elijah have their disagreement. But in the end, they just try to push one another to be the best players they can be.

“”If I’m not playing the way I’m supposed to play and also how he is supposed to play, there will be a disagreement between him and me,” says Elijah.

“”I’m the older one so I feel like every time, when I pass the ball and he shoots the ball way high over the goalie, I feel like he should put the ball in the net, because he’s that kind of player I know, so sometimes when he shoots the ball way high like sky the ball, I get mad a little bit.”

The Aultman brothers and the Lumberjacks will travel to take on Hermantown on Saturday.


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