Zeitgeist Hosts Catalyst Content Festival

DULUTH, Minn. — If you’ve got a great idea for a breakthrough movie or television script Duluth is the place to be this week.

Where else would you pitch your idea other than at Pitchworld?

It was only one of the events kicking off the Catalyst Content Festival that runs through Saturday.

It is a chance for new and creative talent to convince the pros that they have the next great story idea.

Samuela Noumtchuet, Catalyst Director of Operations said, “I would say that pitches are pretty important when it comes to being in the industry, and really promoting your work, especially when it comes to talking to executives. They want to know in about two to five minutes, or even more if you have that time, what is your show, why should I like it, and will the world like it as well?”

Carlo Gonzales, Pitchworld Host said, “So for me to get to see people when they’re first starting out pitching and going all the way along the way is one of the really rewarding experiences about this festival, is you get to see these series that one day they could possibly be on tv at their very beginning, at their creatiion. To give creators that experience in a form like pitching that really isn’t really well-served in our industry, really creates an awesome opportunity.”

Other sessions range from screenings to script writing to directing. You can check out options on their website.

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