Wisconsin Tree Service Company Responds to Hurricane Ian

WISCONSIN / FLORIDA — Crews with a Wisconsin tree service company are heading South to aid with Hurricane Ian cleanup efforts.

Trees have been batted down from Hurricane Ian, landing on cars, homes, and power lines.

While work has begun to clear the trees out, there are just not enough hands on deck.

That’s why Zielies Tree Service Company is sending 50 volunteer workers from the northland.

The company normally does line trimming to keep trees out of power lines, but they also work as an emergency storm response team.

“Anytime we’re dealing with power lines there’s an obvious hazard there, but with storms there’s a lot of unique things. There might be flood water, there might be roadways that are gone, there might be buildings that have collapsed, it’s really an unknown situation and our crews are trained and prepared to handle all of them,” said Zielies Marketing Manager, Tate Warren.

Most crews will work out of Lake City, Florida, just West of Jacksonville.

With all of the flooding and trees still coming down hard, they plan to be there for at least three weeks.

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