Daughter Of Chisholm Cold Case Murder Victim Reflects On Sentencing Day

HIBBING, Minn. – The daughter of one of the Northland’s oldest cold cases finally got a sense of closure Friday — nearly 40 years after her mother’s murder in Chisholm.

It was July 1986 when 38-year-old Nancy Daugherty was raped, beaten and strangled to death in her Chisholm home in what would become a decades-long cold case.

Cold Case

Gina Haggard | Mother Nancy Daugherty

But Friday, Daugherty’s killer, Michael Carbo Jr., 54, was sentenced.  And her daughter sat down with FOX 21’s Dan Hanger shortly after leaving the courtroom.

It was an emotionally challenging day for Daugherty’s 54-year-old daughter, Gina Haggard, who never thought the day would come — a day she could face a judge and her mother’s killer in her own words — 36 years after the crime.

“Being able to give the closing statement has made me feel better than I thought it would. It was difficult to get through, but it just feels so much better now that it’s done,” Daugherty told Hanger in her only television interview Friday after sentencing at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Hibbing.

(To read Haggard’s full victim impact statement, click here.)

Investigators said Carbo was 18 at the time when he raped, beat and strangled Nancy.

Mike Carbo 1986 11th Grade

1986 photo of Michael Carbo Jr.

DNA was found on the mother-of-two’s fingernails and body.

Technology was not good enough then to identify a suspect.

But in 2020, investigators were able to create a DNA profile off that evidence using genetic genealogy, which matched Carbo after investigators collected DNA samples from carbo’s garbage.

Nancy Daugherty 1

Nancy Daugherty

Carbo was still living in Chisholm when he was arrested.

A motive was never identified throughout the trial.

Daugherty’s daughter Gina, who was 18 at the time of her mother’s death, told the judge Friday that the murder has ruled her life with fear, depression and distrust. And while she’s thankful to now know who killed her mother, she said closure will never happen because there’s still no answer from Carbo as to why.

“Every day is a struggle. There’s something that reminds you of her every day,” Haggard said.

Meanwhile, Carbo spoke in court Friday admitting to being what he described as “black-out” drunk the night of the crime.  He said he had sex with Daugherty, but that he “did not kill Nancy.”

While the first-degree murder conviction comes with that maximum sentence of life in prison, Carbo is eligible to get out on parole after 17 years based on Minnesota law at the time of the crime.

Fox 21’s Dan Hanger will have an expanded sit-down with Gina Haggard about her unthinkable pain and journey in early October.

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