Hibbing Youth Orchestra Finds Permanent Place To Practice

HIBBING, Minn. — It started quietly enough 17 years ago, and now it’s reaching a crescendo.

In fact it is called the Crescendo Youth Orchestra, and now they have a place of their own in Hibbing.

Julie Takkunen started with 12 students taking lessons, and then it grew and turned into non-profit. In some ways they were musical vagabonds looking for a permanent place for practice and gigs.

Now they have a place of their own, and in a word, it’s cool.

Takkunen, the Director and Founder said, “It’s super cool. This year being in a new space and having the kids come back and everybody says it feels so good to be here, it feels so good to play together. We’re not having to set up chairs and stands every-time we have rehearsal. We’re not having to haul things to have a rehearsal. And then kids are asking if they can hang out after school and play and practice. We just had another mother say he wants to start the bass, so he’s going to come here and practice some. So it works out really well having a space for them. It’s kind of a home. I hope that continues and they grow up loving orchestra, and best friends with each other.”

Takkunen says a community needs all 3 musical legs: a choir, a band, and an orchestra. She and Crescendo have big hopes and plans to make a lot of musical noise in the years ahead.

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