IRON RANGE: Volunteers Needed to Serve as Mentors for School Children

IRON RANGE, Minn. — A local nonprofit organization is looking for volunteers to serve as mentors for school children.

The United Way of Northeastern Minnesota’s Lunch Buddies mentoring program matches elementary kids with adult mentors.

The pairsĀ  play games, do crafts, and just chat during one lunch break each week at school.

Program leaders say the goal is for children to find comfort in class. and receive additional support from a trustworthy adult friend.

It currently takes place in five iron range schools.

“I was able to sit in on a couple of the mentoring sessions when we first started and it was just uplifting to see the response from the kids when they saw their mentor. Their faces just lit up, knowing that they had an adult that was dedicated to them,” said Executive Director, Erin Shay.

There are anywhere from 10 to 15 students involved in the program from each school.

To see the list of iron range schools hiring mentors, you can visit

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