Catalyst Festival Wraps Up After Busy Four Days

DULUTH, Minn. — The Catalyst Festival wrapped up four days of creativity over the weekend.

The storytelling conference once again brought together anyone interested in creating stories, whether for television or social media platforms.

The confab of minds gathered in Duluth beginning Wednesday, and finished on Saturday. For those pulling off the gathering, it was rewarding to see people from out of town be amazed by what they saw and found in the area.

Anna Tanski, Head of Catalyst Festivals and Events said, “It’s the best feeling to know how surprised people are at how unexpected so many of our unique attributes are to them. They’re not all from big cities like New York and L.A. There certainly are a number of people from those areas on the coast. But to see people really discover what we love about our Northland community is pretty cool.”

While making a good impression is a great feeling, Catalyst’s Anna Tanski says there was a real exchange of ideas and talent going on.

Tanski also said, “It was absolutely amazing to have the caliber of creators and industry representatives here in our own backyard. It’s really a way to showcase the talent that we have here locally in the Northland. But also to bring in all the outside talent and creatives to showcase what we have here to offer in return.”

In addition to the many people converging in-person, big names including David Letterman and Tina Fey joined from afar.

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