UWS Students Participate In Urban Honey Bee Project

SUPERIOR, Wis. — No kids, honey does not come from a plastic bottle.

That’s what students learned at UWS Tuesday as part of the Urban Honey Bee Project. College students are actually taking classes on caring for bees and understanding how they operate.

2nd and 6th grade students also were getting a jump start on the whole honey process. It mat look like just a fun show and tell, but it plays a key role in an ongoing bee research project.

Professor Edward Burkett of the biology department said, “We are are in a crisis situation in the United States, and for that matter, the world. Honey bee populations have been declining for the past 100 years. There’s a variety of explanations for that. They range all the way from pesticides to environmental change, such as climate change, to inbreeding of the bees over time. But nonetheless, the research that we’re doing, the work that we’re doing, plays a critical role in trying to answer some of the questions as to why honey bee populations are declining, and what we can do to stop that decline.”

Students can learn beekeeping as part of their coursework. This year the UWS bees have already produced more than 100 pounds of honey.

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