Bernie Sanders Campaigns For Keith Ellison In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Thursday, people packed Clyde Iron Works in Duluth as U.S. Senator and former Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders took to the stage.

He’s campaigning for the re-election of Keith Ellison in the race for Minnesota’s next attorney general. Here’s some of what Sanders, an Independent, and Ellison, a Democrat, had to say Thursday:

“You have as your Attorney General, Keith Ellison, one of the real fighters in this country. Somebody who has spent his entire adult life fighting for economic justice for working people, fighting for racial justice, fighting for justice for people whose sexual orientation may be different than others, fighting for environmental justice,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said.

“This meeting tonight, this gathering is about rallying people. Helping people see that our state is worth fighting for. That our rights are on the line and that we’re going to protect them. That’s what this meeting’s about tonight,” Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison said.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson also spoke at Thursday’s rally in support of Ellison who is facing republican challenger Jim Schultz on the November 8th ballot.

Schultz is running on a campaign of investing in public safety defending the constitution, economic prosperity, and consumer protection.

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