Duluth’s Best Bread Bakes 17 Lb. Soft Pretzel

DULUTH, Minn. — Something big has been baked at Duluth’s Best Bread thanks to a newly imported French bread oven.

The special oven is significantly bigger than what Duluth’s Best Bread has had in the past. With a larger cooking space, owners got creative and experimented with making a giant soft pretzel.

It weighs in at 17 pounds and is about as big as a human torso. The bread company is known for their ‘uber’ pretzels for sale that are 1 pound and for sale at select breweries around town.

Now they’re gaining fame for making, what owners think is, Minnesota’s biggest pretzel.

Co-owner, Robert Lillegard said, “We recently imported a giant Bongard Soleo French bread oven, which has huge decks so he said, well I’ve got a bigger oven now, how far can I push this thing. It’s not going anywhere we can hardly carry it.”

You can check out the giant twisted pastry on display at the Duluth’s Best Bread downtown location during their business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

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