Maurices Associates Spend Day Supporting Organizations That Help Children In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — More than 350 maurices associates are visiting the corporate office in Duluth this week to connect with the company and also give back to the community.

Formerly known as “The Best Day Ever,” maurices is now calling the community service day the “Difference Making” event, held between the training and bonding experiences the company has put on for its associates this week.

Thursday was all about lifting up the Northland Children’s Services facility, a place in Duluth that helps kids who have learning, behavioral, or emotional challenges.

“We’re a company that’s really rooted in community, community is really important to us, and our associates love this idea of giving back, so this becomes a really terrific opportunity for us to do that,” Sue Ross, maurices’ chief HR and communications officer, said.

Maurices employees organized the company’s clothing donations so kids there can shop a wide variety of apparel for free.

The volunteers also created a fitness space and refreshed the art area.

“This particular group is working on a sample sale for our kids, and what that means to them is incredible because these are kids who, they’ve never had an opportunity to go into a store and pick out a whole bag full of clothes that they get to take home with them on the bus and say, ‘Hey mom, I got all this new stuff!” Morgana Kolenda, the director of resource development with Northland Children’s Services, said. “It’s really exciting, and we’re just so grateful, we can’t believe what they’ve donated for us.”

Other associates spent the day fixing up the learning center at Boys & Girls Club Of The Northland bringing in new furniture, rolling on some fresh paint, and adding other fun elements.

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