Knowing Your Neighbor: Positively 3rd Street Bakery

DULUTH, MN – Positively 3rd Street Bakery has been providing baked from scratch products in Duluth since 1983.  They use organic, local ingredients from local vendors and are partnered with several community businesses.  As a worker-owned cooperative with 18 bakers, they do a lot of collaborating with a focus on the community.

“We work on consensus based decision making.  We’ve had to go through a lot of changes and a lot of weird things in the last handful of years, like most businesses, but we’ve been able to keep doing well and have been able to keep providing what we can for the community,” said co-owner Ro Leonard.

In addition to providing delicious baked goods, they also do regular fundraisers for various causes they feel are important to the community. During their most recent fundraiser, they sold frosted sugar cookies and were able to raise over 7,000 dollars which was their most successful fundraiser ever.

“We like to find fundraisers and like to find places that we can be putting our money as best we can.  Historically we don’t spend any money on advertising or marketing. For the most part we spend any money that we can on donations and doing things like this,” said Leonard.

If the promoted treat doesn’t interest you but you would still like to make a donation, they are always ready to accept those when you come in.  The baked goods used in their fundraisers typically are not gluten free or vegan friendly, but they do carry options for those with dietary restrictions.

“We do have a lot of vegan options and while we’re not a gluten-free certified kitchen, we do our best and we have a lot of made without gluten options. We have cookies, we have bars, we have breads, all sorts of things for most dietary restrictions,” said Leonard.

Positively 3rd Street Bakery opens every day at 7:30 a.m. and they are located at the Corner of East 3rd Street and 12th Avenue East. For more information you can visit them on their website or Facebook page.

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