Gov. Walz, Dr. Jensen Debate Ahead Of Governer’s Race

ROCHESTER, Minn. — DFL Governor Tim Walz and Republican candidate Dr. Scott Jensen went head-to-head in the Minnesota Governor’s debate.

It was 60 minutes of back and forth sparring and being that we’re 3 weeks from Election Day. This was their first and only televised debate and tensions were running high.

Hosted by KTTC Gray Television and held in Rochester, the event covered a wide range of national topics, one being agriculture.

Agriculture is a driver of the Minnesota economy adding more than $100 billion a year and creating more than 400,000 jobs.

Here’s what both candidates had to say after the question was asked: What can you do to ensure Minnesotan’s have access to safe and steady food source?

Jensen replied, “We need to know that culture in which farmers do their business has got to improve. Regulations are killing farmers. We need to absolutely reduce taxes and make it so family farms can stay in family farms.”

Walz said, “In Minnesota some of the things that we can do, well is first and foremost, we have passed the most robust agricultural budget this year and provided some of the relief that climate change is bringing.”

As for another hot topic, the largest known COVID-19 fraud scheme known as the Feeding Our Future fraud. Close to 50 people now facing charges for allegedly misusing $250 million in funds that were meant to feed children during the pandemic.

Here’s what both candidates had to say when asked the questions: What role do they feel the Governor’s Office plays in the situation? And what steps would they take to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Jensen said, “There were signs right out of the blocks. In fact, Governor Walz said that he was made aware of the situation April of 202. but then his office called the news reporter back and said well no, it was a summary he misspoke. Then he said it was November, but it doesn’t matter when it was. The fact is the Governor had every right to believe fraud that may be taking place this Feeding Our Future’s $250 million. At that point in time, he has a responsibility to notify the office of the Legislative Honor. He never did that.”

Walz said, “This was a life-or-death situation, and food security was a top priority. The vast majority of those delivered ended in incredible job where Minnesota was ranked as the state with the most security in children’s food security. So, no one agrees with the fraud we’ll make sure that these people have already pleaded guilty, they’re going to jail, they’ll continue to do the investigation. We will continue to do the investigation as they’ve already done at the federal level, rolling and putting back in some of those safeguards. The after action on this is for us to strengthen those.”

The next time Walz and Jensen face off will be on the ballot sheet. Election Day is on Tuesday, November 8, and early voting in Minnesota is still going on right now.

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