Gov. Walz Visits Fire Department, UMD With Less Than A Week Until Election Day

DULUTH, Minn. — With the midterm election less than a week away, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (DFL) made a couple of campaign stops in Duluth on Wednesday.

One was at the Duluth fire department after the Minnesota Professional Firefighters organization and the Duluth Firefighters Local 101 union endorsed him.

The other stop was at UMD for an event involving students interested in government and politics.

Walz said he feels like some voters may still be on the fence, and he wanted to speak to younger voters like college students about issues they may feel passionate about.

“I think talking about the things I know they care about these investments in education, the issues around climate change, women’s reproductive rights obviously, but I think most importantly, democracy matters and demands participation so getting out and getting the vote done,” he said.

Lieutnant Governor Peggy Flanagan, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Duluth Mayor Emily Larson joined Walz on the campaign trail through the city.

One student told us what drew her out to the event.

“I’m here to listen to Tim Walz talk about reproductive rights and what he plans on changing and keeping the same since he is the governor,” Sujata Mumma, a freshman student at UMD, said.

Polling from about three weeks ago show that Minnesota voters are currently favoring Walz over Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen, but by just a few points.

Walz is polling at 47% with Jensen coming up at 42%.

The Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Matt Birk, made a campaign stop at UMD about a week ago to rally the young voters as well.

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