City and Ecolibrium3 Promote “GetGreen” App To Duluth Residents

DULUTH, Minn. — Duluth has become a pilot city to test out an app called “GetGreen” that encourages residents to make choices with the climate in mind.

“GetGreen” is a startup that’s based in Seattle, but the smartphone app was tailored to Duluth residents by local nonprofit Ecolibrium3.

The app encourages users to make small changes to reduce their carbon footprint, such as buying produce grown locally or riding on an electric DTA bus.

It will share climate-based information with its users and how they can get involved in earth-friendly causes.

It is also based on goals set out in the “Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan.”

Ecolibrium3 hopes to see sponsors engage with the app, which could translate into real money to fund a future “Micromobility Hub” in Lincoln Park that will house e-bikes for the public to use.

“We’ve made some key commitments when it comes to climate change like joining the ‘Race To Zero’ with the goal of reaching net neutral carbon emissions by 2050, and we know that individual action like that inspired by GetGreen must be matched by city action,” Lydia Peterson, the AmeriCorps Community Resiliency and Energy Fellow with the city of Duluth Sustainability Office, said. “But we also need to find ways to connect individuals, including myself, and businesses, and organizations with the tools and resources that they need to take action and that’s where GetGreen comes into play.”

Those involved hope to see at least 500 people in Duluth download it and complete a collective minimum of 2,500 green tasks.

In April 2023 during Earth Week, organizations involved will look at how successful it was and how many people used it.

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