UMD Students Host Pumpkin Compost Drive

Pumpkin Compost Drive Nov. 2 Through Nov. 4

DULUTH, Minn.–Not sure what to do with your Jack-O-Lantern after Halloween? Well instead of letting it turn to mush, you can add it to a compost pile.

UMD students researching Sustainable Food Systems are coming together to collect unwanted pumpkins. There are two dumpsters on campus designated for collecting pumpkins. One is located near the Bagley Nature Center and the other is within the Maroon Parking Lot B.

It is their third year, and the goal of the compost drive is to let the public know there’s a more sustainable option to consider when getting rid of your old gourds.

Operations Manager of Facilities Management, Chris Stevens said, “You know everything runs downstream right, so it ends up in that big lake that we all live by and it’s important. We need to make sure that we’re planning for our futures and just taking care of the environment around us and be good stewards of the environment”.

You can drop your pumpkin off at the dumpsters through Friday, November 4th. The pumpkins will be brought to UMD’s Land Lab where they will be turned into compost. The compost can then be reused to grow other types of produce.

Environmental and Sustainability student, Marley Hinschberder, said, “When pumpkins are thrown away and put into landfills, they can’t properly decompose, and they release greenhouse gases. So, this prevents that and turns it into organic matter so that it can be used in our farming”.

UMD’s pumpkin compost drive is open to the public. If you plan on adding to the pile, make sure to use the correct dumpsters. Pumpkins you can’t throw in there are ones with candles still in them or ones that are painted.

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