10th Annual Junk Hunt Continues Into Weekend

DULUTH, Minn.–The DECC’s Southern Pioneer Hall was packed full of both sellers and shoppers for the 10th annual Junk Hunt.

After a successful start Thursday, vendors were busy rearranging their stalls and bringing out all types of vintage items.

The Junk Hunt pops up twice a year during the beginning of May and November, gathering top vendors from throughout Minnesota and beyond. Some of the merchandise on display consist of fine China, repurposed wooden furniture, vintage photographs, and even handmade items.

Returning shopper, Marie Rodriguez, said, “This is nice. You’ve got a lot of kind of the same things from some of the vendors but then you have the new candles, we’ve got the balloons that are here, you’ve now got different foods to try so that’s been really fun as well”.

This annual event brings in hundreds of people looking for that quirky Christmas gift or old record player to maybe even add to their own antique collections.

Certain hotels in the area are helping out bargain hunters, offering discounted prices for out-of-town visitors going to the Junk Hunt.

Organizer and Founder, Emily Broman, said, “We love seeing people come in the door. They kind of have big eyes they don’t really know where to go first and we love watching them discover what they didn’t know they needed. So we love watching them find the special piece that they are really excited about”.

Cash or card are accepted at most vendors and there is also an ATM onsite. General admission tickets are on sale for $7.00 at the door and $5.00 online at the Junk Hunt website.

This year part of the proceeds collected will go to Second Harvest Food Banks.

The Junk Hunt will end tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.


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