Students at Raleigh Academy Participate in Election Process

DULUTH, MN – Hershey’s Chocolate Bars or Sour Patch Kids? Students at Raleigh Academy faced that tough decision today after several weeks of campaigning for their favorite type of candy.  In the spirit of election season, fourth and fifth grade students participated in all aspects of the voting process including registering, voting in primaries, campaigning, and giving speeches in support of their preferred candidate.  Campaigning did get a bit too intense at times with the teacher having to filter some of the ad submissions.

“It is fun to see them get involved in the process and really understand that we get two candidates at the end, but really there’s a whole process before we get to that part,” said 4th and 5th grade teacher Denise Carlino.

In celebration of their hard work and efforts, each of the students will get to taste the sweet victory of the winning candy.

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