Split Rock Shines On 47th Anniversary Of Edmund Fitzgerald’s Sinking

TWO HARBORS, Minn. — Hundreds of people gathered at Split Rock Lighthouse Thursday night, as the beacon shined bright in memory of the Edmund Fitzgerald – the most well-known ship of our region that sunk to the bottom of Lake Superior 47 years ago.

The historic sinking of the Fitzgerald took the lives of all 29 crew members on board during that dark, cold and windy night back in 1975.  And now, the lighting of the beacon at Split Rock is now an annual moment to reflect on those events.

The lighthouse was closed for a brief time while the names of the crew members were read out loud Thursday evening with a tolling of the ship’s bell.

“We’ve had people coming here for 10-20 years, and it means a lot to them and it means a lot to all of us here because we’re remembering those men who lost their lives and it’s important to keep that history alive and telling people about it because otherwise it will get forgotten,” said Hayes Scriven, site manager at the Lighthouse.  “The first time that I saw this happen, it was such an emotional moment, and when you see and hear the family members that are here, we had the son of one of the crew members that died, and watching them ring the bell and hearing the name, that’s important.”

The Fitzgerald left Superior for Detroit at noon Nov. 10, 1975 before being rocked by the fierce storm.  The ship captain’s last communication recorded was “we’re holding our own.”

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