Duluth Curling Club Installs Ice in Preparation for 2022-23 Season

DULUTH, Minn.–Excitement is building for Duluth’s Curling Club to begin it’s season of competition.

Club members and volunteers were on the fresh sheet of ice at the DECC painting those important circles for the stones to glide into.

Before today, it was all about flooding the rink for a nice sheet of ice, but not a smooth one from a Zamboni. For curling, it’s all about the pebbles.

Duluth Curling Club President. Garrett Bunkowske, “You spray little droplets of water on the ice so it creates this rough surface and that’s what the actual rocks glide on and that’s when you put a spin on the rock or turn, it actually makes it curl”.

The ice installation process is expected to be done by Sunday for the beginning of the 2022-23 winter curling season.



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