Native-Owned Farm In Sawyer Celebrates Arrival Of Buffalo

SAWYER, Minn. – A native-owned farm in Sawyer celebrated the arrival of a dozen buffalo to its land on Friday.

Native Wise farm sits on 380 acres.

Community members gathered with a welcoming song for the buffalo and a meal for all to enjoy.

The Nature Conservancy’s preserves in Nebraska helped make the delivery possible to help preserve Native American culture, as buffalo have long been an integral part of Native life before colonization.

“Thank God for people that had the foresight to save them. There is a lot of stories about that. It’s amazing because they are a wonderful creature that can provide use high-quality food and they’re keystone species, how they interact with the plant community,” said David Wise, farmer owner of Native Wise.

The Tanka Fund was also part of this effort. The corporation in South Dakota seeks repopulate the Plains with Buffalo and re-establish a sustainable buffalo economy to help enrich Native lives.

FOX 21 will have an extended version of this story in the coming days.

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