St. Luke’s Unveils Remodeled Hospice And Oncology Inpatient Units

DULUTH, Minn. — St. Luke’s leadership came together Wednesday to recognize the remodel of its Hospice & Oncology Inpatient Unit.

$1.1 million was awarded to help modernize these specific areas as part of Phase II of St. Luke’s health Forward Initiative.

The inpatient rooms are now completely private throughout the unit and the bathrooms have become handicap accessible.

The expansion also enhances the infusion therapy space with more chairs and beds to accommodate more patients needing IV’s.

“Healing can be very challenging for patients and a lot of our patients are here for a long journey. Oncology is a long journey and ultimately the decision to go to hospice is a very difficult one for families and your environment is part of your healing. The whole unit is brighter, the lights can be dimmed it’s all newly furnished,” said Hillary Nelson, Oncology Operations Leader.

The patients aren’t the only ones benefiting from the remodel, there’s now an upgraded nurse’s station. Families visiting their loved ones in hospice can now take solace in a new lounge space as well.

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