DIY Thanksgiving Bouquet

DULUTH, Minn. – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Engwall Flowers hosted a Do-It-Yourself class, designing bouquet centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table.

The class teaches the fundamentals and design principles that go into making a homemade bouquet fit for the holiday. The lesson begins with understanding the container, establishing the foundation, and determining greenery, layout, and shape of the design.

Classes similar in fashion occur once a month, as there will be a Christmas-themed one taking place during December.

“Floral design is kind of one of those dying arts. A lot of people can YouTube things but it’s always nice to have the hands-on experience and the teacher telling you why, why we do this and point out those little things that they may not notice. And, every flower is unique, they’ll have a little crook in them, a little pedal off kilter and just being able to work with that from the designer’s perspective is really handy,” Design a Thanksgiving Centerpiece Teacher, Dawn Anderson says.

Another DIY class, designing door hangers, will take place next Monday at the Duluth Tap House.

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