Wisconsin Better Business Bureau Warns Shoppers Of Delivery Scams

WISCONSIN — Making purchases online is convenient these days, especially around the holidays. And with all of the packages delivered daily, scammers are taking advantage of online shoppers.

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau says online consumers may receive a text from someone pretending to be a delivery carrier. It asks them to “update delivery preferences” by clicking on a link.

The text is a scam… and the link takes you to a page that asks for personal information.

Scammers are also placing notes on doors claiming they are having difficulty delivering a package to you and to call them, where they’ll also ask for personal information.

There are even packages being stolen off of shopper’s doorsteps.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips on how to avoid these delivery scams including:

  • Take precautions when purchasing a gift such as buying shipping insurance.
  • Look over a “missed delivery” form closely to ensure it is authentic.
  • Request to sign off on a package when it is delivered. That way delivery services can’t drop it off when someone isn’t home.

There are more tips on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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