Knowing Your Neighbors: Casino Pizza & Subs Shop Under New Ownership

CLOQUET, Minn. – “Casino Pizza is about reaching the community, giving them what they had before, but improving it,” said Casino Pizza & Subs Shop Co-Owner, Tyrell Beckom.

The Casino Pizza and Subs Shop in Cloquet, an establishment that has been around since 1983, is now under new ownership after business partners Lamont Hines and Tyrell Beckom took it over on August 20th of this year.

“It’s an old experience and a new experience. So, we are giving them what they used to have and what we have to offer as well,” Beckom says.

The shop serves pizza, Mexican cuisine, salads, wraps, wings, and more. The new owners say they are keeping a lot of the same recipes that are known and loved by the community while also incorporating their own twist to the menu. One thing they’ve added is the Philly sub.

“You spend a lot of time working hard seeing other people’s visions come to life and you’re putting forth your effort to making sure they succeed the way they want to. So, to finally have the opportunity to do this for ourselves, it means a lot to us,” Co-Owner, Lamont Hines says.

After working in the food industry for over two decades, Hines and Beckom say they are pleased to finally own their first restaurant together.

“We don’t have to question each other, we know. I can turn around and pick something up and he’ll grab it and I’ll turn around and grab something and it’s just in sink. We work hand in hand, and it just goes a long way,” Beckom says.

So far, the new owners say the community has shown gratitude toward the business in keeping the spirit of Casino Pizza alive.

“It’s very important because you get a lot of people who grew up eating at places like this and they don’t want to see it go, they don’t want to see it disappear,” Hines says. “They definitely make us feel welcome, they make us feel like they want us to be here, and that’s a good thing because that makes us in return want to give them the best quality food that we can give them.”

Casino Pizza and Subs Shop is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 to 8 and Friday’s and Saturdays from 11 to 10.

“The whole point of cooking anyway is to make people smile. People smile before they taste, they see before they taste. So, actually communicating with the customers when they come in and they are telling us what they want, what they like, what they remember from being here and us being able to provide that, it makes everybody smile; it makes us feel better,” Beckom says.

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