Northern Star: Tieryn Plasch

Tiryn Plasch and the Tigers tip-off their season on November 29 against Hayward. 

MAPLE, Wis.- Northwestern high school’s Tieryn Plasch will soon be crowned the girl’s basketball team’s All-time Leading Scorer.

“When I was in 7th grade, I set some goals for high school. One of them was to be on varsity my freshman year, and then another was to reach a thousand points, so just to be able to do it and come so close to the record, it’s really exciting for me,” says Plasch.

As a junior, she really the one-thousand point club and is now just 61 points from breaking the all-time scoring record, that’s been held for over two decades.

“For girls here, I think there’s only like four that have even reached a thousand points, so just to be able to do it and represent Northwestern, it’s a really big deal,” says Plasch.

“It’s a really nice icing on the cake for her. She’s worked really hard to get herself a college scholarship to be a scholarship level basketball player, which she’s already accomplished, she went over a thousand points last year as a junior, I think this is sort of that icing on the cake and I think she would trade it all for team success,” says Northwestern’s head coach Paul Eberhardt, “She would give up being the school record holder if we could get to state, that’s just the kind of person she is.”

In her free-time, Tieryn dedicates her knowledge and passion for the game to coaching the future of Northwestern girls basketball.

Plasch says, “We’re their way into high school. That’s who they’re looking up to, that’s what they’re looking for in sports. Do we like it, do we not. I feel like now that a lot of the upper classmen are taking some of the underclassmen under their wings and elementary school, they’re wanting to get more involved and put more time into sports and I just love being able to teach the game.”

Just recently, Plasch signed her National Letter of intent, officially committing to continue her basketball career as a Bemidji State Beaver.

“They were actually my first offer. So, when I went there I wasn’t really expecting to get offered and I wasn’t expecting that I would like Bemidiji as much as I did. I thought I would go there and be like ‘maybe, maybe not’ but then I ended up loving it. I went to a few other schools but nothing compared to there,” says Plasch.

In her final season suiting up in black and yellow, Plasch says winning the conference and getting a shot at a state title would round out her career at Northwestern high school.

“This year we’re looking for another conference championship and regionals and hopefully sectionals and then state. This year I think we really do have a good shot at winning conference with some of the teams. We have five seniors, we’ve put in so much time, so I mean it’s out last year and we’re ready for it,” says Plasch.

Tieryn Plasch and the Tigers tip-off their season on November 29 against Hayward.

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