Thousands Served Free Meals For Thanksgiving At The DECC

Several thousand Northlanders spent their Thanksgiving at the DECC for a free plate. The College of St. Scholastica was the organizer behind it, but it took a lot of volunteers to put the event on. In all, more than 400 people volunteered their time to help over the last week. Some of those volunteers were families working together.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years and hasn’t worked out with my schedule,” Sue Brisbois, a volunteer, said. “So this year I’m like we’re going to do it and my children to help.”

The people on hand for dinner didn’t mind that the main dish wasn’t turkey, which the organizers couldn’t get in great enough quantities so it was ham being served instead.

“I think Porky Pig might hear about this, but no, it was great, everything was,” Charles Cox, a guest, said.

The number of people taking part in this Thanksgiving feast may have been down a little from past years. It’s not clear why that was the case it may have been because of the light rain or because the meal did not feature the traditional turkey.

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