From Black Friday To Cyber Monday, Local Shoppers United

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Fun Day Sunday and now today – Cyber Monday. All of these days are devoted to shopping for the holiday season.  So how did the four day shopping event  turn out?

Tom Hanson, the manager of Menards in Hermantown says he is seeing is a lot of people having fun and going out shopping.  Hanson  says the company is looking forward to a steady season, but is a little unsure of how this shopping season will shake out. ” I think everyone is kind of up in the air,  basically because there’s no consistent history now for a few years ” said Hanson.

DLH Clothing in Lincoln Park says they had a good weekend of sales and is excited for the rest of the season. Marisa St. George of DLH says she had good news waiting for her when she got to work today. ” I came into the shop this morning and we had sales already on line from overnight and the weekend.”

St. George says the store’s clothing is always a good seller during the holidays. This year she is also seeing another trend that bodes well for DLH. “I think people are just looking to shop local for one. I think people support the local community quite a bit.”

Free Air Life Company, located next door to DLH, describes itself as an outdoor lifestyle company. This has led to many customers continuing to buy from the store even when they move away from Duluth. “For Cyber Monday we have an online shop that is connected to our store here and so all of our orders today really are happening online,”  said Della Christ. ” We’ve had couple people in the shop, but mostly it’s all online. We’re seeing like record breaking online orders already today and it’s only the beginning of the day we’ll see what happens by the end of it. ”

None of the retailers we talked with saw dramatic increases in overall sales or customer count, instead it was steady. Each store is hoping  the rest of the holiday season will  be as good as, if not better, than this past weekend’s results.


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