Knowing Your Neighbors: Emmanuel Evergreens

DULUTH, MN – Whether it be because of cost, convenience, or some other reason, some families have switched to using artificial Christmas trees over the years, but for those who choose to look for a living tree during the holiday season, there is one place worth looking at that is still relatively new at bringing fresh Christmas trees to the community.

For six years now, Emmanuel Evergreens has been bringing Minnesota grown trees to the Norton Park area on Grand Avenue.  With plenty of different preferences on style and scent, they strive to have some variety on hand so everyone who stops by can leave happy.

“We have five varieties of Christmas trees. We have the ever famous Balsam, which is so fragrant, a Fraser fir which is gorgeous and awesome at needle retention, a Canaan fir, which is a hybrid of the two, and then white pines and then a Korean pine is a new one that we have this year, or a Korean fir I should say and its more of a citrus scent, but also very fragrant,” said Emmanuel Evergreens founder and owner Kimberly Powell.

In addition to trees, they also carry wreaths, planters, and porch gnomes.  Community is also very important to Emmanuel Evergreens, so you will find that they are not just a Christmas tree lot, but also a place for the family to come and spend an evening with other fun things to do.

“A lot of families actually like to come and they enjoy the fire, roast marshmallows, drink some cider, we’ve got a sledding hill out back, you know that the kids like to go down, and it’s just like a full blown experience. . . And that’s kind of what we wanted is a sense of community, you know, is being a part of something that’s bigger than you, but making it more tight knit,” said Powell.

This year, they started out with about 300 trees when they opened on November 19 and Kimberly tells us they usually sell out after only 3 to 4 weeks.  However, they are open 7 days a week so you don’t have to wait to find the next living room centerpiece of your holiday season.

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