Poinsettias Make Their Yearly Appearance

DULUTH, Minn.–Poinsettias are  popping up all over. In fact, it’s estimated that during the six week, peak season for the plant, 35 million of them are sold.

Shelly Tomlin of Engwall Flowers says the poinsettias are very popular in our area as well. This past week has been very busy for the flower shop as people are stopping in to pick up their poinsettias.

Tomlin says “I think it is traditional Christmas. It brings everybody in and they know what the flower is and what it represents to everyone.” Right now, Engwall is very busy delivering the plants.  “A lot of businesses are looking for these to send to their customers and many of them are decorating their own offices as well.”

When you get your poinsettia home, Tomlin says they are very easy to take care of and  they won’t need a great amount of fussing. “”You’ll want to keep the soil evenly moist. Not too wet or it will rot and create fungus gnats and not too dry, it will droop. You want a happy plant evenly moist. So check it with your fingers.  You press down on the dirt and your fingers should come out with some dirt on them.  If it comes out with no soil on your fingers, water it right away.”



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