Shelter In Hibbing Temporarily Cuts Adoption Fees, Hopes To Rehome More Animals

HIBBING, Minn. — Range Regional Animal Rescue is a temporary home for displaced cats and dogs. But right now, the shelter is nearly full, and 35 animals are in need of forever homes.

“We can have a bunch of animals here, but that doesn’t mean they’re each going to get the individual attention, enrichment, and all of that, which they need,” explained Winter Severson, Assistant Executive Director.

In efforts to combat the influx of pets, Range Regional is holding an Empty the Shelter event featuring big price cuts now through December 4.

“We get so many calls everyday of people wanting or needing to surrender their animals, too.  It’s tough when we can’t take them in when we have so many. We want to keep it down so that we care for all of them,” said Julie Colbert, Executive Director.

And while they hope to see more paws pounce out the door, finding proper foster families is also of concern. The shelter says that after the holidays, strays and abandoned animals are often found more.

Jared Peterson, Head of Dogs said, “For surrenders or dogs that have been knowingly abandoned, the time is around late winter, early spring after Christmas. People will get puppies or kittens and have them for a few months, then they start to get into that teenage phase of 6 or 7 months and the magic will wear away. So, then they bring them to a shelter or just get rid of them in general.”

There are 2 special dogs that the shelter is really looking to rehome to a fitting family. Meet Daemon and Victory, brother and sister, American Pitbull Terriers. Both have been at the shelter for 4 months.

“They’ve really not had a lot of interest in them. Because except for each other, they both don’t like other dogs. And they’re great dogs they just need someone who’s willing to kind of work with them and someone who’s not necessarily living in s small area with a lot of neighbors and a lot of dogs. Maybe more in the country so they can kind of just do their own thing,” said Peterson.

To find out if Daemon and Victory would be a good fit for you or to learn more about the other animals up for adoption click this link.

During the Empy the Shelter event adoption fees will be as low as $30 while typical adoption rates can reach $350, depending on the animal. All pets at Range Regional Animal Rescue are spayed and neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

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