Give a Gift By Participating in ‘Make Every Child Smile’ Toy Drive

The big distribution day is on December 18, 2022, at the juice shop "Shake It" on 5801 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN 55807.

DULUTH, Minn.–While many people are out shopping for loved ones, there’s an opportunity to be the ultimate Secret Santa with the ‘Make Every Child Smile’ toy drive.

Organizer, Mike Letica, tells us it a way to make sure kids in Duluth have something to unwrap over the holidays. There’s no income restrictions or sign-up requirements.

When all donations are collected, all are welcome to pick up the gifts they need during the upcoming distribution day.

‘Make Every Child Smile’ toy drive organizer, Mike Letica, said, “I see first hand a lot of the kids don’t get the traditional Christmas you know that we just take for granted so with that in mind I always want to make sure that everybody gets the Christmas they want or they get a backpack or the homeless will get a sleeping bag. You just got to try and take care of the community because no one else will if we don’t take care of them”.

Over the years, Letica has built relationships with the families receiving toys while also creating opportunities for those wanting to give back to their community.

Letica went on to say, “There’s a lady, a family, who lost their 3-month-old daughter and what she does is every year she buys gifts that she would normally by for her daughter and she donates them to our toy drive and that is like the most touching thing that I hear every year”.

The big distribution day is on December 18, 2022, at the juice shop “Shake It” on 5801 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN 55807.

Those wanting to donate a toy or two can do so at one of the several drop off sites listed below:

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