Participate In MnDOT’s “Name A Snowplow” Contest

The deadline to submit your idea is December 16.

Snow Plows

MINNESOTA — MnDOT is asking for the public’s assistance in helping participate in the annual, “Name a Snowplow” contest.

They’re looking to give a name to 8 different snowplows across the state, one for each district MnDOT covers. All you have to do is come up with a creative phrase or pun and submit your idea on the agency’s website.

The deadline is December 16.

MnDOT staff will select a few of the best ideas and ask Minnesotans to vote on their favorite name in January.

Some examples of past winners are Betty Whiteout, Control Salt Delete, and Snowbi Wan Kenobi.

To submit your idea, click here.

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