District 3A and 3B Recounts Continue

DULUTH, Minn. — Day two is over in the recount for two northern Minnesota legislative districts.

Districts 3A and 3B are the two being recounted. The recount started Monday and continued Tuesday at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Duluth. The recount is also going on in other counties in the two districts.

The difference in vote totals between the winners and losers was very slim, just 15 votes in one race and 35 in the other.

The St. Louis County Auditor-Treasurer told Fox 21, “I won’t be announcing official results because this is a recount that goes over five counties, so we’re just one of five.  So, the other counties will be, I think, a couple, recounted yesterday and then some more will be tomorrow and maybe Thursday, I’m not sure.”

When all the ballots have been recounted, any challenged ballots will go to the Secretary of State’s office. There, the process will continue to make the determination of which candidate–if ether–will receive the vote.

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