UWS Media Class Receives Visit from Industry Expert

SUPERIOR, Wis. – “I’m not originally supposed to be a communications major but after this I’ve definitely gotten a lot more interest in this,” UWS Student, Bill Krieg says.

A Communications class at UW Superior, Digital Storytelling and social media, received a visit from FOX 21 News Director, Steve Goodspeed as part of the curriculums agenda to invite Media industry experts to the class to share their knowledge and experiences.

“To me the priority is local. So, whether it be FOX 21 or any other stations or publications, to have those experts and leaders come in and share their stories, priceless,” UWS Communicating Arts Dept. Senior Lecturer, Tom Hansen says.

Other experts that have visited the class include staff at the Superior Telegram and the Director of Athletic Communications at UWS.

Goodspeed’s experience in the news industry spans over four decades.
He shared with the class the basics of how a newsroom operates and how stories come together.

“Those experiences I think are invaluable for the students to hear about and know that those opportunities exist right here on campus. So, you can work in University Relations and do that, you can work in the athletic department and get experience, you can work at Ifan and broadcast games or run cameras,” Hansen says.

The lecture was highlighted with emphasis on storytelling and being able to share the story through avenues like social media.

“You have to be able to tell a story and especially in broadcast or in digital, in really short periods of time; you don’t have a lot of time to share those stories. You have to get right to the heart of the story, right to the meat of the story and so, Steve talking about writing as a priority was certainly important,” Hansen says.

Senior Lecturer, Tom Hansen has over 30 years of experience in the media industry himself. He hopes these visits grow students interests of the field, and what is happening around us locally.

“I think about all the aspects that go into the video because it’s like you can have multiple people work on one project when it comes to one person interviewing, one person editing and stuff like that, or you can have it all combined into one person doing everything all at once,” UWS Student, Ryan Marcyjanik says.

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve taken away is don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to keep digging a little bit more into it, and that there is always something more that you can really strive for,” Krieg says.

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